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Report on Meeting Friday 19th Nov

Nov 2021

The West Oxford Community centre was filled to capacity on Friday 19 Nov 2021 to hear a range of independent experts comment on the proposed Oxford Flood Alleviation Scheme, which will shortly be submitted for planning application by the Environment Agency. The meeting was organised by the newly formed Oxford Flood and Environment group who are responding to a groundswell of concern about the scheme and people came from all over the Thames catchment to attend. 
A packed meeting heard the scheme has serious weaknesses in the opinion of international floods specialist David Ramsbottom, who lives in Oxford.

Flood Risks and Climate Change
in Oxford
Coming soon

Nov 2021

Hydrologist and associate Professor Louise Slater from the School of Geography, University of Oxford gave an overview of the changes in flood risk affecting Oxford. She confirmed flood risk has been increasing and the city needed to become more flood resilient.

Empty Street

Flood Management in a Climate Emergency
Leading hydrologist assesses the challenges facing the flood alleviation scheme

Nov 2021

A packed meeting heard the scheme described as “fundamentally flawed” by internationally renowned hydrological engineer and expert on the effects of climate change on flood management, David Ramsbottom.

The Oxford Flood Alleviation Scheme - The Economic Case Considered

24 Nov 2021

International economic analyst, Caroline Midgely casts doubt on the cost benefit analysis of the 13 key elements of the scheme. is the channel worth it?

Image by Kelly Sikkema
Holding Plant

Environmental Impact of Scheme Assessed

Nov 2021

Dr Riki Therivel, sustainability consultant and visiting professor at Oxford Brookes University, on fears of biodiversity loss the massive impact on ecosystem services and will carbon costs potentially “off the scale”?

What Are the Alternatives?

Nov 2021

Environmental campaigner Dr Rod Chalk asks are there better schemes without the prohibitive environmental and economic cost?

Image by Jonathan Ford
Dandelion Fields

The Impact on Ecology

Nov 2021

Dr Tim King on the precious ecology of Hinksey Meadows. One of the few remaining flood plain meadows with MG4a grassland and a carbon "treasure chest."

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